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Joan’s Passion for candles

Every part of the making of my candles are done by hand, from pouring the wax to choosing the glass and its wrapping, each scent is carefully chosen to accentuate feelings and emotions. My candles are not created to simply be a decorative piece in your home, it was created to be apart of the […]

Giving You My Best

Fall is back and I’m excited to share three new scents added to our luxury candle line. The first is Abena, infused with black pomegranate, the second is Portland, it has an island flair with basil and mandarin and finally, we have Eivey which has the wonderful scent of blackberry. These are the perfect scents […]

Spotlight on Joan Clayton

What did you want to be when you were younger? An artist. In whatever form or shape I wanted to create things. What are you working hard for?  I work hard because I like the end result of what I create. That makes me happy. How do you prepare for the day? A cup of […]